Julpredikan Munther Isaac

”If you are not appalled by what is happening in Gaza, if you are not shaken to your core, there is something wrong with your humanity. And if we as Christians are not outraged by the genocide, by the weaponisation of the Bible to justify it, there is something wrong with our Christian witness and we are compromising the credibility of Our Gospel message.

If you fail to call this a genocide, it is on you. It is a sin and darkness you willingly embrace. Some have not even called for a ceasefire. I’m talking about churches, I feel sorry for you.

We will be okay despite the immense blow we have endured, we the Palestinians will recover, we will rise, we will stand up again from the midst of destruction as we have always done as Palestinians. Although this is by far maybe the biggest blow we have received in a long time. But we will be okay

But for those who are complicit, I feel sorry for you. Will you ever recover from this? Your charity and your words of shock after the genocide wont make a difference. And i know these words of shock are coming and i know people will give generously for charity. But your words wont make a difference. Words of regret wont suffice for you and let me say it, we will not accept your apology after the genocide. What has been done has been done.

I want you to look at the mirror and ask yourself and ask where was I when Gaza was going through a genocide.”

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Munther Isaac, kyrkoherde i Christmas Church i Betlehem


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